Monday, March 3, 2014

Vanderslice Photos

While taking photos today I was looking for patterns, basic shapes, and architecture. I feel like these four were the only ones going in the right direction though. I plan on taking some more photos tomorrow with these areas in mind. I found it challenging to photograph Vanderslice in the mind of KM, mostly because he does not deal with imagery that much, he uses clean shapes and color in a majority of his work. I was trying to find those simple shapes or combinations of shapes and elements when taking these photos. I might try some more outside photos tomorrow because he does show interest in architectural aspects of design. While Vanderslice is riddled with patterns, architectural dental work, and complimentary ceiling elements, some of these were just to flowing and natural to be something that Karl Martens would be interested with. I think the more simple I go the better these photos will fit his style.

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