Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Data Visualization Final

For this information graph I showed the top ten producers of oil and also the top ten oil spills. I showed their location through the circle markers and the size of each marker indicates the size of the spill. The lines reinforce the labeling system of the spills. 


  1. While looking at this I can get information on the gold plotted facts more so than the continental facts. But when reading through it, the continents have a combined overall that is more in quantity than the gold. I wonder if you could show that combined ratio difference in a way that gives 2 layers of impact. One being the gold info, saying how many gallons have been wasted in incidents and the other in a massive scale change showing the combined continent info. Maybe try filling in each continent with the greyish color could've had an larger impact and a contrast between bigger and smaller quantities. I think that your use of the world map gives a great realization that the middle east is the center for oil spills due to there mass production and quantity just from basic knowledge. I'm wondering if there could be a way that would clarify the gold information better, without the viewer having to play a game with the intersecting lines. Visually it is very compelling and great to look at and find information, but I think you can clarify some key elements like scale, quantity and placement that could influence more of an impactful experience.


  2. I feel ya patty, I wanted to throw some gold labels on the map too, but unfortunately it was pretty cluttered when it came to the middle east area. But either way I agree the labeling does need some work.