Monday, March 3, 2014

More Research after getting pointers

A summary of Karl Marten's, "Abstract."

Earlier works
Martens earliest works were book covers. These covers were for Arnhem's publishing house. As throughout most of his work we see simple shapes, illusionary imagery, patterns, and color. Legibility is considered more than anything else. It will not be until later in his career that he begins to experiment with imagery. This is also why I found it difficult to shoot Vanderslice, Marten's does not really deal with a lot of imagery, more shapes than anything else based off his work. He is a printer after all.

His next large project was a series of phone cards. Using a coded system of numbers Marten uses a combination of color, overlapping, and typography to create a visually stimulating series of codes.

Overall Marten's favorite style is Dutch, he does not really stray from that, and he also prefers to use typography, order, color, overlapping, and systems to create his work. It is apparent in almost all his work that he loves to overlap and play with the combination of colors.

My view:

I really like Karl Marten's work. I love the use of color and overlapping and seeing what happens when you experiment with those two things. It is obvious that he doesn't like to use photography, which I agree with, I enjoy starting simple shapes and color as well, unless a photo is truly needed I really don't look to photography that much. People call his work simple but I think it is a little more complicated than that solely because of his unique methods of combination of colors and overlapping, as stated before.

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