Friday, February 28, 2014

Type in Motion Final

Final Type Video/Print is Dead from Chris Meier on Vimeo.

This project is a simple thought about print. I like to think that the people such as artists, ourselves, have an amazing opportunity to keep on creating new things. So it only makes sense that we get to apply that to printing. During this project I learned the basics of adobe after effects, and also learned a whole bunch more about how to save files and move files properly when it comes to this type of program and format.

Over the course of this project I learned that it is very important to be patient. Especially when learning a new program or doing something for the first time. For the first week or two it was very difficult for me to figure out After Effects. Plus the tiny revisions you have to make for effects, timing, placement, and type rules in general really require a great deal of patience and editing. I found that if I just kept trying and re-working something that I would figure it out eventually, and this goes for any first time experiences or things you are having trouble with.

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