Friday, February 7, 2014

Top 3

Drilling in the Ocean A simple illustration of a drill in the water, it gives a sense of where the drilling is happening and what the problem might be. When color is added I am considering keeping the water black to get the point of off shore drilling or oil spills. 

Oil in the ocean. A simple illustration to show the same properties or idea of liquid but there is a separation between oil and water, they don't mix and should not be together. It is nature and their separate properties that stop them from mixing. 

Coral reef destruction. Australia and the surrounding ocean harbor a large part of the coral reef. The piece of coral spreading through Australia in the vector above depicts the main problem (coral reef destruction) and where it is happening. With its enlarging and spreading, the coral reef will soon be extinct. The problem is spreading, and that is what the vector shows above. 

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