Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sketches for Connotations

The first set of sketches use the word natural. I wanted to mess with natural movement and the form of water. By slightly skewing the original image, such as adding more water drops or making them take a form of flourishing I think that the natural feel can really be felt. I also tried my best to keep the idea of separation in play.

This second set of sketches was actually my third set of sketches just because I wanted to play around with the idea of retro. I think they need more work or that they would look much better in color. I feel that to convey a "retro" feel, color schemes are important. Color can easily connote a certain generation or stylistic feel.

This third set of sketches deals with transformation and change. I think this one was kind of challenging too. I'd like to spend more time on it and get it down right, but perhaps I will need to find a new connotation for this sign. 

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