Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Progress for Anchorage annd Relay

The symbol I focused on was my offshore drilling symbol. It fits nicely into the shapes provided such as squares (diamonds) and circles. I want to incorporate the border with the symbol its self by having the water run to the edge and take up the bottom half of whatever shape it lives inside of. I think that there are plenty of good relays for this symbol.

I found it easier to apply anchorage but also more boring mostly because it was just stating a fact or a phrase that is pretty much a given. I enjoyed relays more because it requires more thinking to understand and could have a greater effect by using a phrase you wouldn't usually see on a vinyl sticker, which might trigger a reaction in the viewer to really think about the cause at hand.

As for color, I have not decided how to use it yet, that is what I hope to determine today, I don't want it to be overbearing or take away from the relay or anchor.

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