Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Industrial and Environmental


These top three are the more environmental ones, well the concepts at least. I am having trouble what kind of material I want to use to create these. Or if there are other ideas I have yet to explore. These are environmental in the sense that they actually depict the water and oil. It touches on the actual topic of focus. As for the one on the left, it is more natural looking, free flowing, asymmetrical as opposed to strict symmetrical.


These three are the industrial series. On the left the sign has been literally cut out of metal to give a sense of industry and materials used in it. The middle is geometric and the opposite of the free flowing form of the original sign. It is rigid and hard to imagine it being another form, much like a machine. It is hard to tell but the one on the right is done with india ink to try and show the literal liquidness of the oil. 

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