Monday, February 17, 2014

Final Three_Sand

Here are my three final versions of my symbols. Using sand I recreated my three symbols in a grainy way. Finding a material that something to do with the ocean and could apply to all three topics was difficult. Sooner or later I thought about of sand. I think it gives it a more naturalistic feel and connects tot he environment more than the industrial side of things.

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  1. chris, i could not locate a post that clearly showed the required content areas for the final deliverable on this project. this post came the closest, but is missing a good chunk of the written requirements. pay closer attention to the deliverables and make sure you follow all of the instructions carefully, please.

    outside of that, i'm very happy that you took this risk in working with sand. while formally it's not there yet, i do see that you corrected many of the problems in a later post, so kudos for the re-do. this was a good first try.

    conceptually, you used combinations of icons in a smart and simple way to communicate more complex topics that come across pretty clearly. i know the coral has been problematic though and i believe color would help further clarify the oil/water sign. they are fairly consistent in terms of simplicity and (what passes in the sand world for) line quality.

    i'll look at the iphone application and comment on that over there.