Monday, February 24, 2014

Examples (ethos, logos, pathos)

Ethos, credibility, these books and movies all have a connection a powerful political figure. It does depend on where a person stands politically but a majority of the population will trust these peoples opinions and arguments because of their status and history.

Rachel Carson was an author and did a lot for the environment. She was a good person and was most likely trusted with her opinions. 

Pathos, emotional, by showing the actual animals themselves and combining it with a sad message, the viewers emotions are starting to be swayed.

This poster is talking about pollution, littering, and the future if we don't take care of our earth. The designer is obviously playing with emotion if there is a child in a bathtub full of trash and dirt.

Logos, logical, a simple text and image that briefly share information about the need for us to keep the ocean healthy. Making people aware about the effects of the oceans. 

Logos, logical, physical and actual information is given in the info graph about earth and in the other one about our worlds water situation. 

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