Monday, February 24, 2014


ethos - ethos refers to the credibility of a person. a person who comes off as credible, respectable, or wise can persuade someone to trust their opinion and/or argument. making someone think that you are worth listening to can go along way.

pathos - pathos tugs at the heart strings of the audience. it plays a role in the emotional part of an argument. by appealing to a readers emotions one can sway an opinion by making someone feel either sad or happy, depends on what you're going for and how you need to get there.

logos - the logic. logos uses reasoning, deductive, and inductive reasoning. it can be argued as the most import part of 

intrinsic ethos - the impression made by the author based off of how or what he writes. it is an impression left only through text and not from personal connection or knowing them previous to the text they have written.

extrinsic ethos - the reputation a person has. it is based of their previous experience, education, and performances. these specific experiences bring a qualification to the table. it is a more personal feeling that comes before the text written by them.

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