Sunday, February 23, 2014

act final stickers color/baw

1. "Drillin', spillin', and killin', since 1891," is a relay phrase for this sticker. It quickly gets across the issue at hand and explains what offshore drilling has been doing since 1891. It works well because it is has some word play and rhyming involved which I believe catches the viewers attention. 

2. "This is not a drill," is also a relay message. It plays off an old saying and mirrors the famous "This is not a pipe," poster. Once again word play is in effect here. 
3. This is the same message as number two, also a relay. I changed the shape to resemble actual caution or warning signs, or also the chemical identification signs that you see on barrels or back of trucks that might be caring chemicals or harmful product. I like the position of the type because it doesn't really interfere with the main imagery and casually rides the border, sort of blending in with the overall shape.

4 & 5. Both of these are the same as number one but once again thrown into a different shape and with a different arrangement of type. The type change from Helvetica to Avenir was strictly experimental, I think that Helvetica works better though mostly because of its boldness. I also changed up how the main symbol was presented. In one of these (#4) we see the entirety of the symbol, in the other (#5) we see it interacting the shape and touching the borders. I like number 5 more mostly because it fills more space and looks a little bit more like a large ocean instead of containing it to a half circle.

6. This is the same as the number one as well, but in black and white. Honestly I think the black and white work better for these because of its legibility and it just looks cleaner. I think that people will be able to make out the imagery just fine and that color might not truly be necessary. 

7. This last symbol does not reflect relay, but anchorage instead. It is straight forward and hard to misread. In a case like this I definitely think color is not necessary because even if the viewer does not get the imagery right at the start, the anchorage reinforces the imagery and once they read the text they will be able to put together what the imagery is. 

Overall concerns: I don't know if people will get that the imagery is made from sand or if it's just a weird photoshop grain filter. Also my type is lost once the symbol is downsized, after messing with different weights and typefaces it still seems to get lost. 


  1. As a viewer on the street, the signs are relatively clear, however the ocean waves look a bit too sharp and resemble spikes instead of water.
    Maybe if the drill had more edges and if the waves were smoother, it would help people understand your sign.

    For the relationship between type and image, "drillin' spillin' killin'" is working well because you made the text small and secondary to the image while the phrase has a bit of humor and is not as direct. I like the one in the square where it has the type on each side, breaking up the phrase into sections. For "this is not a drill," I feel as though it should be emphasized a bit more because when people usually say that, it is said with panic and urgency. Overall, your treatment of type seems a bit passive and not really calling people to action.

    "Drillin' Spillin' Killin' Since 1981'" - Anchor & Relay
    This reinforces the image, but also adds the detrimental effects of drilling in the ocean.

    "This is not a drill." - Relay
    Referencing a common saying that suggests urgency while negating the image with the pun.

    "Stop Offshore Drilling" - Anchor
    Reinforces the image as drilling in the ocean.

  2. As a viewer on the street, the signs you've created are pretty clear to me. The context you have put them in complement the sticker well also.

    From a designers perspective I rather enjoy the transference you have added to the icon with the use of sand. The color of the sand looks nice with the baby blue you have but maybe the sand could be a bit lighter. Also, your type treatment could be pushed a bit more I would say, I know theres not a lot of space to work in but maybe try something with a bit more hierarchy. I think I enjoy the drilling, killing, and spilling one the most in the diamond shaped form you have. It makes for a more interesting read. I feel the typeface works well with the image.

    Both of your Anchorage and Relay stickers work well together. To me one is clearly more Anchorage and the other relay. I think they are strong apart and together as a set.