Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This is an idea I came up with that attempts to solve the problem of trying to connote a fast paced, in your face genre of music without using beach imagery. It revolves around two colors, red and yellow. Both are bright, hard to ignore and really in your face just like the type of music. By relying only on shapes, lines, and color I figured this would be a good way to go about describing the music without waves, floral patterns, surfboards, beaches, or anything else that would normally be related to surf rock. I think it works because people who surf, or consider themselves "hip" and enjoy a thrill ride or exciting hobby would look at this 45 sleeve and be immediately attracted to it by the color alone. The wavy pattern and colors really do get the point of fast paced, hard to ignore, and different. I'm aware it's bright, and vibrant and not the ideal kind of reserved and orderly design but this type of music is not the normal either. Currently working on iterations other than this one, there will be many ways to explore this type of "moving" design. 

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