Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Final French Fold/Visual Interview/Janie Marino

I decided to go with the inside spread looking like a collage. Janie has plenty of large binders and collections of fashion magazine pages. Her favorite designers are Jurgen Teller and Marc Jacobs. She loves fashion and would like to be a creative director at W Magazine. She also loves her dog and family very much. But overall, from interviewing her I got the idea of fashion because it is the one thing she talked about or showed me more than anything else. So this fold revolves mostly around fashion, but also includes her favorite books, and some information on her family. The necklace that is shown is one of her favorite necklaces, a small book on the end of the necklace. If I had to order her interests it would be fashion, books, and family, but any one of those three could be her favorite. I believe that all three are very, if not at the same importance to her. 

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