Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Type Booklet


As of right now these would be my final pages for my type booklet.

Title/Back - both written in Swiss, borjar means begin and ande means end. By using the language and colors people automatically think Swiss. 

Adrian Frutiger - The first spread of the booklet is a page over the designer of Avenir. This spread includes information about Adrian, glyphs, and some information about a book that he has written.

Avenir - spread two, this page goes over what Avenir is and its characteristics. As of right now I think the Avenir page might need to be moved up because by looking at the title and first spread people still don't understand that this is a type specimen book about Avenir.

Diagram - spread three is the diagram, aligned neatly to the grid and communicating in a short sentence or two what the anatomy of each letter is.

Avenir Next - spread four entails the re-working of Avenir in 2004. It shows the fullfont family along with Avenir Next Condensed, and also the full alphabet. 

Things to be concerned about - 

Does something need to be strung across the top of the booklet? Is it too empty? 
Is the final page for Avenir Next too crowded?
Does Avenir need to be mentioned before spread 3?
Too much activity going on in the bottom of the main Avenir spread?

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