Friday, November 15, 2013

The black and white layouts were my first iterations. They are simple and organized, sort of like Avenir. Except Avenir does have humanistic qualities which is why it needed color and more movement. This is a typeface for the future, and the future is bright. With red and blue I was thinking of something like 3D glasses, because at one point that was something so futuristic for people.

I know I strayed from the grid on the color layout, sort of. But I started with the grid large red A in my first paragraph. The large blue F is lined up with the A, it just so happens that it does not line up with the modules. All text starts on baselines as well. The larger letterforms and glyphs are centered and arranged in between the paragraphs, which also happens to not fall on modules. While the letters on the right side of the spread also stary from the grid, but the leading is that way so it lines up evenly, top to bottom, with the left side. In a different way I used the grid, but it started from one focal point. 

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