Monday, November 18, 2013

Narrative (Editing Still Needs to be done)

Janie Marino

Janie was originally born in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Since then she has lived in Paris, London, and then back to America to Louisville, Kentucky. Currently she lives in Kansas City, Missouri and attends KCAI as a graphic designer.

Janie has three sisters, two are younger that play soccer and one is older who is also a designer. Her family is close and very Italian. Her and her family are Sicilian to be specific and her family lineage can connected to the mob as well.  

Janie loves her dog, reading and analyzing books, she is intellectual and super into fashion. She is very ambitious, and is currently learning German. Her dream job is to be a creative director at W magazine. Some of her favorite imagery has to deal with patterns, minimalism, and fashion magazines.

Imagery that could be used:
Clothing, dog 
Sicilian flag 
any special items she holds dear

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