Friday, November 15, 2013

Bouncing Bars

Bouncing Bars
The set up for this an environmental installation uses round metal beams that bounce back and forth from each side of the street. At one point though the bars come to an end running parallel to the walkway. By doing this the viewer can have their own idea of whether the bars start at the walkway or end at the walkway. Overall the purpose of these beams connote play, energy and movement, some innovation with the modern materials we are using, and the sense of professionalism based off of the size of these.

Movement and Energy
Professional and Innovative

Some sort of metal, leaning towards steel so that we can get a nice shimmer. Perhaps a chrome finish.

These bars will be very large and encompass the viewer as they drive under, or walk by them

Playing with light and dark is always important, during the day we will rely on sunlight to create
its own effect for the bars. Being reflective, these bars can act as something interesting to look at because they skew the perspective of their surroundings, such as a spoon might do.

At night light from the surrounding light posts, walkways, or even lights from cars will help create an effect that is constantly changing depending on what angle it is being viewed or what ever new light sources happen to pass it each night.

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