Thursday, November 7, 2013

Avenir Labeling Letterforms

This first layout is the most simple, and is based off of how some science books label diagrams or anatomy.

The second layout is just using very straight and angular lines that all line up on the same y-axis,
except for the top informational box.

This third layout plays with getting up close and personal with the letter. Dashed circles lay directly over what part of the letter they are identifying. 

This is a more abstract one I played with, basically just taking the section of the letter, and laying it out the original letterform. By playing with transparency and layering it looks like a new letter is being made over the old one.

This one is aligned just a bit differently. Three letters sit in the middle of the page, with vertical not horizontal lines coming off the letters. It is similar to the second layout but different orientation. 

Overall, I'm using grey as a base color, there is time for experimentation and picking a color scheme. But for now grey is the most suiting considering this is a type for the future. The white, black, and grey mix give the letter that sleek, modern look. I chose R, m, and Q because they are a good mix of vocabulary, and the m and Q both have unique nuances in them that stand out from other typefaces and letterforms in the geometric classification.

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