Saturday, October 19, 2013

We decided to go with the word explore for traveling enthusiast. We plan on using foam board to display a depth and specific type form. Molot is our typeface, it is the typeface that many people associate with a postcard typeface. Such as the typical "greetings from", typeface. We went to Union Station to scout out possible photographic setups. Ultimately we decided upon setting it up on a ledge with the large Union Station clock behind it. Also in the background will be the terminal and open space. We have other ideas as far as the placement as the word goes, As of right we want to shoot in Union Station though.

We plan to cover the foam core with imagery. The imagery would be familiar monuments or buildings, possibly using stamps to expand off of the post card idea, from around the world. We were considering the 7 wonders of the world but expanding off of that. We are going to use a dark black/blue for the accents of our letterforms. For the material we have other ideas such as sod and concrete but we feel using foam core might go over better, especially since we are covering the word with imagery.

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