Friday, October 18, 2013

The Words

Context: Pool
Audience: kids learning to swim
Typeface: Helvetica Neue Ultra Light
Material: Foam board (thin) Painted light Blue
Goal: Safety in swimming
Context: Pool
Audience: kids learning to swim
Typeface: Universe Standard Light, 93 extra black extended
Material: Concrete
Goal: Safety in swimming
Context: Graffiti wall
Audience: Artists
Typeface: Clarendon 
Material: White foam board
Goal: stand-out, think outside the box
Context: catwalk photoshop
Audience: fashion community
Typeface: Bodoni Regular
Material: wood covered in clothing, fabrics
Goal: inspire fashion, promote style
Context: Union Station
Audience: cultured people
Typeface: Amor Serif
Material: Time magazine covers paper mached on wood
Goal: notice progression and think about the past
Context: bridge
Audience: People in routine
Typeface: Helvetica std Black
Material: Wood, wire, white spray paint
Goal: give people a break from routine
Context: Hospital 
Audience: Sickly 
Typeface: akizidenz gothic BQ medium 
Material: wood painted red
Goal: give hope
Context: The KC star
Audience: printers, newspaper readers
Typeface: Times Roman
Material: wood and newspaper
Goal: reinspire newsprint and promote reading of current events
Context: graveyard
Audience: people who have lost someone close
Typeface: Futura std Black
Material: concrete
Goal: respect the dead, pay respects
Context: Sheraton
Audience: travelers
Typeface: Didot regular
Material: cotton balls and fabric
Goal: give people a sense of relaxation and comfort
Context: Iconic symbol of specific city
Audience: people from specific city
Typeface: Bodoni Bold Italic
Material: wood covered in images from that specific city
Goal: sense of home, pride for the city
Context: science museum, Planetarium 
Audience: kids
Typeface: Futura Regular 
Material: white foam core, projected imagery
Goal: inspire kids to create, imagine learn, be original
Context: classic car
Audience: car enthusiast
Typeface: Adobe Garamond pro Italic
Material: metal
Goal: incorporate classic into modern design
Context: construction sight, industrial
Audience: architects, creators
Typeface: Futura Medium
Material: mix (wood, concrete, plaster, tile)
Goal: inspire architects to create something innovative
Context: Airport, Union Station
Audience: explorers
Typeface: Helvetica light Oblique
Material: foam core, maps and string
Goal: encourage people to explore the world
Context: Track, field
Audience: obese children
Typeface: Helvetica regular
Material: wood, sport ball skins, athletic shoe sole
Goal: get kids to be more active/excerise
Context: people of different races holding the letters at city hall
Audience: cultures/races/people
Typeface: Impact regular
Material: black and white foam core
Goal: unite people of different races and cultures
Context: kitchen table
Audience: obese children
Material: Alpha-bits, cereal
Goal: get kids excited about eating healthy
Context: change on the sidewalk
Audience: middle or upperclass, people who COULD give to the homeless or unemployed
Typeface: Gill Sans standard light
Material: change, money
Goal: promote donating
Context: Westbottoms
Audience: general public
Typeface: Univers Light std, 65 bold 
Material: Sod
Goal: encourage people to be more environmentally conscience
Context: kickball court
Audience: children/ bullies
Typeface: Times New Roman
Material: plaster and chalk
Goal: Decrease bullying 
Context: City hall
Audience: politicians 
Typeface: Langston
Material: foam board, painted gradient from blue to red
Goal: get politicians to work together
Context: city hall
Audience: 18-25 year olds
Typeface: Futura std bold
Material: foam core, red and blue paint
Goal: get new voters to vote
Context: Farmers Market
Audience: general public
Typeface: Helvetica std
Material: fruits and vegetables
Goal: buy organic, support local, eat healthy

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