Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Super Rough Concepts


Obviously the easiest word to work with. It can exaggerated and animated in many ways. Also something I have yet to play with is the fact that deceleration is not an actual word. The correct grammar is accelerate upward, and accelerate downward. So any concept you see below can be flip and still technically make sense. But not many people know that about the word so I wouldn't want to confuse the viewer which would make the concept weaker.

These are the more simple concepts. I have an idea thats taking longer because it involves selection small g shapes from a larger g and dragging them down individually, (so i'd be doing that for each letter.) But still more to come, I have tonight and tomorrow to finalize and make a strong decision.


Still working with this one, not as many concepts gathered but still going to work with it. I might play with the word frequency because it seems that it is easier to animate. Also more to come

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