Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our Matrix

We have twenty-four concepts all together. Some stronger than others but we feel as a set that they are broad and cover many different concepts. You might notice that wood or foam board might be a repeating material but in most cases that is going to be used as a base template and covered with another material. Our last 10 or so focus more on social issues than just random words with concepts. As concepts we think that the materials, context, audience, and typefaces are stronger when they are about social issues. 

Words we are leaning towards:

  • Save
  • Compromise
  • Hey
  • Drown
  • Unite
  • Separate
  • Change
  • Vote

Our sketches might be a little hard to understand, especially the ones where the base material is covered in another material such as clothing, or newspaper. But to sketch out the word Vogue in Bodoni and some how cover those thin strokes in clothes in a sketch was terribly complicated. 

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