Monday, October 14, 2013

New Packages

These three new iterations stem from the previous three. They branch off of them by re-using patterns, color schemes, and general layout. But these three, as a group work better than the first three. Individually I like 4 out of my 6 so far. Still working on other iterations and possible color pallets. I believe I have to stick with earth tones and greyscale though because bright warm and cool colors don't really go with my product.

Things that are working:
Repeating the vector screw pattern
Helvetica as a typeface
information confined to the stripe on the back.
Always wear your safety glasses.

Things that could improve.

Color schemes
I need a definite top for the box, maybe more than just words.
Better folding and centering, probably have to refine my base layout in illustrator.

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