Monday, October 7, 2013

Mid term Paragraph

So far this semester has been great I think. The three classes I'm in for graphic design have been informative, helpful, and present interesting information and challenges. As for Viscom specifically, it's sometimes hard to tell. While there have been many parts to our Issuu publication it still is only one project. If I broke it down week by week, I think I filled the requirements, tracked progress well, and I believe I successfully presented each theory in my publication. I also did a couple versions of the Issuu publication swapping out photos, and swapping out illustrations back and forth until I had a layout that worked.

The second short project was interesting to do, I think I got my three words across, if not all three at least two. Balanced and active.

Overall I like the idea of this class and I'm having fun with the projects too, packaging should be interesting, especially working with screws. Not sure how I will make it compelling but I'm sure at one point screws can be compelling.

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