Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Iterations, possibly the final 5

These are a possible final five, they are based on balance. Balanced but still active, Pat is a man of many talents ranging from ballroom dancing, to skateboarding, to graphics design, to video games. He is an overall talented guy so I consider that balanced. He has described him self as calm as well which is fitting for him. These designs are balanced and active, like I said, but calm in a way that they are not going crazy. Pat mentioned he didn't want a serif font but if we are going for balanced a serif and sans-serif type are needed. A couple of them are a little more active than the others and harder to read, so those are the ones I'll work on tomorrow, but as for now I feel like I have a strong three that can suit his personality. If nothing else I believe there are 5 good base compositions to work off of.

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