Friday, October 11, 2013

Final Three

I decided to change from vibration to frequency. Vibration wasn't a strong enough composition. I think frequency fits with the other words better than vibration did as well. It is a term that comes up in science more than vibration. I think frequency has a strong composition and works on multiple levels. I'm aware there was not much exploration in these and they are simple but I believe that's what these words called for. Acceleration, Gravity, and Frequency wouldn't benefit from printing and rearranging, crumbling them up, etc. I think that since these are words of science it makes for them to be, exact, neat, and simple. The type, Gills Sans works the best because it is simple, not flashy, and doesn't take away from the word on the page. No serifs to be distracted by or extra anatomy. Simple text, simple and clever arrangements.

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