Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A look at our changes

So right off the back you might notice we changed our layout. We did this for a couple reasons. When we were looking at the drying rack we came across Pat and Myles layout and our layouts looked identical. We decided we didn't want to have a layout that was the same as someone else, we wanted to have our own card. So we reworked and revised and came up with the concept of left to right, which is our second reason for changing the layout, as little design as possible. This layout is more true to the quote itself, "think more design less," how much more could we simplify a layout. The third reason we changed our layout was because our first layout didn't technically communicate the quote in order. It read think more less design which isn't the true quote. 

I personally feel like this simple layout works, as I mentioned before it is more true to the quote itself. We used the roller press so it was really difficult getting a perfectly centered print. Also we ran into the issue of the paper moving when we rolled over the print. But overall I feel like we have some very clean and evenly coated prints. More to come as the year goes on so that we can hand them out at the show. 

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