Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 Separate Boxes

Box 1. Altered photograph. 4 color.
The wood grain adds lots of color and texture to this box. Just by seeing this texture people know what this product is for. The idea is there, these are all purpose screws. I think that the wood grain is more effect than a single color because it not only shows the screws on top but maybe another product that someone needs to by in order to even use these screws.

Box 2. Scanned. Single color.
This  color scheme is my single color. Besides black, there is only yellow. I like this combination of colors because it reminds me of construction. Which is perfect for the product. It gives someone a sense of what they are used for just by looking at the colors and not all the screws patterned over it. 

Box 3. Vector and scanned. 2 color.

This is the 2 color box. Colors are a dark grey and light orange. This color scheme relates to the original packaging. Having a dark box with a bright label really makes it stand out. The orange can gram your attention for a good distance and the patterns over it really fill up the box nicely.

All 3 are going for dependability, and confidence. These screws are strong, reliable, and won't rust over time. They are long lasting and supportive. I think that the patterns add a nice design aesthetic to each box but also give people an idea of what they are buying. I think that the type used also adds to the idea of support. On the back there is all the information you need to know, and in white type are the most important things. On the front the type is a sort of slab serif. It looks a little western which might give someone the impression of old fashioned, or rough. 

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