Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Considering that tomorrow Jamie Kovall will be visiting I figure we might not get to critiques. But I have already picked out some things that need to fixed.

  1. The image is too pixelated due to a missing link.
  2. The name needs to be bigger and the bottom of the briefcase needs to be brighter.
  3. Also I want to play with a softer picture, something less distracting. 
  4. Also I wanted to play with other lighting. Maybe a warm or more gold lighting.

There were many problems with everyone trying to print, the konica or our internet connecting just was not cooperating. So at as it got later in the night and almost all options exhausted I was just happy to get a print out and up for tomorrow. 

Other than that, I think the set up is basically there, just the finer details I mentioned above need to worked on. Hopefully tomorrow I can pick up some more pointers.

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