Monday, September 9, 2013

Mind Mapping and 30 Descriptors

For the layout of my mind map and thirty adjectives I decided to try and group the characteristics. Personality went on the inside of the circle, and genetics/looks went on the outside. (Much like how the actual human works, personality on the inside and looks on the outside.) Understandably a persons personality can be directly related to their parents and genes, which explains why genetics has been placed on the middle of the bordering circle stroke. 

The overall layout of this map was inspired by Mark Lombardi, a conceptual artist who focused on the mapping of political structures, power systems, and other government subjects. He was most famous for his intricate diagrams and ideas regarding "the uses and abuses of power."

Obviously his diagrams and maps are much more intricate than mine, but Lombardi was dealing with power systems, family lineage, and all kinds of political angles.

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