Friday, September 6, 2013


5 labels for the letter M

The typeface I chose was Clarendon. The M for this typeface stands out more than the other characters given to me. I wanted to emphasize both the labels and the M though. So to do that I spray painted the M a ivory color instead of a straight white and also built up the M on three layers of cardboard with spacers in between. The shadow it casts on the wall makes the M pop out just a bit and the off white makes it stand out as well. Both these small elements work together to bring out the letter but not take away from the labels.

For the labels I suspended them from the ceiling with clear hanging wire. The labels are typed in black ink so they are the only thing in this composition that are a color other than white. That alone helps them stand out, also the labels themselves cast small shadows on the wall, this effect makes it sort of playful and attractive. The yarn sewn from the labels to the M is a dark blue that is very thin. Using that material helps correctly label the anatomy of the character but does not draw attention away from the rest of the piece.

A couple things to work on based off of critique. 
  • correctly label bracketed serif next to the bracket. and not on the top corner.
  • put a line to determine cap height and the fact that it goes across the width of the character.

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  1. great post. in the future (or for your portfolio), i'd be sure to color correct your images. some quick adjustment to the levels and saturation in photoshop will make these images looks brighter and whiter.