Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting Close to Those Final Marks

DIN 1451 Std

Futura Standard Book

I ended with two monograms that I felt came out well enough to present. The first comes off as a heavy and more active monogram. Very noticeable and thick, which I feel gives the monogram a permanent and unchangeable look. With that said, I feel like the viewer can look at this mark and will get a sense of what to expect, possibly something solid, heavy, but still playful because of the varying heights of the stems on the m. The movement and flow of the c leading into the m gives off that playful or creative vibe I feel. I'm still having trouble trying to get that c really appear to be a c though. In an attempt to do so I created some more distance between the shoulders of the m and the c.

As for the second mark, I think it gives off a more strictly professional feel. Clean, thin, confined to a certain area (inside the counter of the c except for the stem of the m which sort of turns into a descender.) Nothing too flashy or crazy going on here but I think there is still a sense of creativity and freedom here though, expressed through one stem of the m breaking through the confined area of the c. Professional but still open to interpretation and play.

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