Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Iterations

First off, sorry for the bad pictures.

I think that there is a lot to play with in these iterations and still some more out there. Tomorrow I hope to work on narrowing down, or combining some aspects of multiple versions into one. These are rougher layouts so refinement is still needed. Either way, I like our quote, it's short, it has lots of hierarchy to play with, and can be mixed up and still have a good message. 

There is one version that I guess would go under the experimental category. It is the second to last image before the images get smaller. It is arranged in a square and the interesting part about it is that it works four ways. It all depends on how the viewer, or buyer, wants to display the postcard. The four possibilities are as follows

1. Think More Design Less
2. More Design Less Think
3. Design Less Think More
4. Less Think More Design

It would be interesting if four were placed next to each other, each oriented differently so that a series would come into play. But I like it the most because of the fact that the viewer gets to play with it and interact with the type, they get to choose how they want to read it. I'm aware there isn't hierarchy here, but that can easily change by using different fonts. 


  1. Replies
    1. Any thoughts on the sketch that works four ways? Incase you can't figure out which one i'm talking about specifically it's like I said in my post, it is the second to last image of the final clean iteration and arranged in a square so that you can flip it any way and it still gets the message across.