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Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble was born on November 20th, 1889. He was born and raised in the Midwest, specifically Missouri and Illinois. Growing up he was more of an athletic child. He played basketball, baseball, and set a high school record for the high jump. He later attended Oxford and went into law. 

After years of practicing law he decided that he was much more interested in astronomy. So he changed his field of practice. But after starting his research and writings he was called to the battlefield. Edwin was a major in the 86th Division, which never saw combat. Nonetheless this detour across seas prolonged his research.

After returning home Hubble was offered a staff position at the Mount Wilson Observatory in California. He spent much of his time working and researching there. He was the first astronomer to use the Hale Telescope which was constructed shortly before his death. Hubble died from cerebral thrombosis, a blood clot in his brain. 

Over the course of his work Hubble was the first to discover that the universe expands far beyond the Milky Way galaxy. Many opposed his ideas and were in disbelief. Regardless Hubble continued researching and writing and had his findings published. The most important discovery that proved his findings was the observation of Cepheid variables. By observing the distance of this star, he declared it was much to far to be a part of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Hubble also came up with a system for classifying galaxies. This was later known as the Hubble Sequence. Hubble was one of the most influential astronomers of the time. Developed Hubble's Law, knew Albert Einstein, his discoveries helped support and popularize the idea of the big bang theory. 

Hubble has made such an impact on his field of work that the Hubble Telescope was named after him, the Hubble Crater on the moon is also in dedication to him. As well as planetariums and asteroids.

Overall Edwin Hubble was a tremendous athlete, thinker, and astronomer. He did much for this world and has gotten the respect he deserves.


Lead college basketball team to conference title in 1907.
Set high school high jump record.
Wins 7 first place and 1 third place positions in a single field and track meet.
Discovered galaxies outside of our own. 
Hubble's Law
Hubble's Sequence
first astronomer to use the Hale telescope.
Kappa Sigma Fraternity "Man of the Year"

Honors Received:

Bruce Medal in 1938
Franklin Medal in 1939
Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society
Legion of Merit 

The Photo Shoot

For my photo shoot I was planning on going in a direction that captured his wide range of accomplishments. One ideas was to set up a briefcase that included symbols from each field of accomplishments. Such as some sports equipment, a telescope or other astrological equipment, bullet shells, and possibly a mapped out grid of the galaxies or system of how to identify galaxies. Besides that I would include papers and his quote on a sheet of paper hopefully written in a nice handwritten script such as calligraphy. 

The Quote

"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science."

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