Thursday, August 29, 2013

Type 1 Book

The book that I selected from the library is entitled Letter Alphabets by Alfred Bastien. The book showcases a selection of alphabets ranging from Modern types to decorative alphabets involving serifs. This collection of types is the eight revised edition, the first was published in the 1940's. While flipping through the book you get to experience a wide range of letter forms. While flipping through the book a couple of fonts peaked my interest more than others: page 91, Echo of Stephenson Blake, page 96 Gills Sans Cond. Titling of Monotype, pages 142 and 143 Grotesque No. 9 of Stephenson Blake, and page 214 which does not have a title or name for the type.

Each type is a sans-serif. Clean. Each font varies from one another by being either more condensed or bolder. Among the types my favorite would have to be the unidentified font on page 214. The font is not perfectly round on each curve. The bends turn sharply into flat paths that lead to the next bend. It is tall, clean, semi-condensed, and has great descenders in the lower case letters.

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