Friday, August 30, 2013

Color Description

bright red 186 - elegant, romantic, christmas, heat, riled up, danger, emergency, exit, caution, needy.

vibrant orange 1585 - warm, Arizona, oranges, sunset, canyon, peanut butter, Reeses, halloween, General Lee, retro, Channel Orange

bright yellow 116 - sun, sunflower, caution, important, vibrant, hard to look at, banana, lemon, bees, road signs,

earth brown 438 - mud, old, ground, fall, dirty, repulsive, antique, wood, nature,

deep blue 2747 - depth, navy, depressed, calm, alone, cold, stationary, night sky, good background color

chartreuse green 584 - growth, life, moss, grass, calm, pastel, KCAI, functional, desaturated, inviting,

blue purple 267 - royal, calm, receding, peaceful, sea urchin, ocean, dusk, night sky

charcoal gray 425 - desaturated, smoke, rock, ground, cement, mechanical, moon, program layout background,

white - absence, blank, nothing, pure, astronaut, clouds, 8.5 x 11, clean, sleek, Apple, base

black - dark, deep, solid, heavy, evil, absence of light, matches everything, complicated, midnight, sharpie, space,

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